From Kelly O’Brien (in part):
Fellow Board Members and Friends,

Due to the fact that Supervisor Potter was injured over the weekend and was absent from the Board of Supervisor’s meeting today, the Supervisor sought to continue the hearing on the Monterey County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (MCCWPP), scheduled to be considered this afternoon.

Indeed, in deference to Supervisor Potter, there was a motion put forth to “continue” the “hearing” with the decision on authorizing the Chair of the Board of Supervisors to sign the MCCWPP put off until next week, or the earliest meeting Supervisor Potter can attend. Part of the motion was the declaration of an “Intent to Sign” (non-bonding) the MCCWPP.

There’s much to be done between then and now:

1) Sherry Tune of USFS wishes to discuss how changes she wishes to see in the MCCWPP can be integrated. Staff made it clear that they will hesitate to make a recommendation without Sherry being satisfied with the sections she has addressed.

2) The Science section must be finalized (we received Dr. Scott Stevens’ document from the Sierra Club today and our Science team will review and make recommendations).

3) Supervisor Parker mentioned some additions – rather than edits – to the MCCWPP that she would like to see included. By and large, they were harmless and had mostly to do with structure protection, upgrades and enhancements.

4) Appendix J is, so far, a minor bone of contention…

All speakers before the BoS were positive. No environmental group representatives (in opposition) showed up. …

We must work diligently to finalize MCCWPP details and to contain any further attempt to expand the discussion beyond what is currently on the table.

Thanks to Pam Silkwood for moving the Supes toward issuing a motion that included an “Intent to Sign”


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