Christmas Trees #2

Hey, keep ’em coming. Here are a couple I got tonight:

Christmas Tree by Ray, in Paso Robles, CA

You will note by the photos behind the Christmas Tree that Ray is one of my firefighter friends. And look at all those fire engines and air support on that tree! It wouldn’t dare catch fire! Thanks, Ray!

And here is one from another friend:

Christmas Tree by Nadine, Big Sur

That is a beautiful tree, Nadine and a great shot of it! Thank you.

I have one from Australia I am still downloading, so will add that one when it comes through.

Keep them coming. I’d love to see a whole forest of Christmas Trees here by Christmas Day! You are all the best!

Christmas Trees

I know it is not Big Sur-related, but it is season related. Here is my daughter’s tree:

Christmas Tree by Crystal of Colorado Springs

Here is a friend’s tree:

Christmas Tree by Rose of Big Sur

Gotta love those zebra Xmas balls! Only Rose could even find them! For those who don’t know Rose, she has a “thing” for Zebras. She collects them in all forms except the real form.

Thanks, Crystal and Rose, for answering my call.

Do you have a Christmas Tree? I do, but I’m still decorating, so I’ll post soon. Send me a photo of your Christmas Tree to post here. I’d like to keep this going because it is joyful and lifts my spirits. I hope it lifts yours, too!