Christmas Trees

I know it is not Big Sur-related, but it is season related. Here is my daughter’s tree:

Christmas Tree by Crystal of Colorado Springs

Here is a friend’s tree:

Christmas Tree by Rose of Big Sur

Gotta love those zebra Xmas balls! Only Rose could even find them! For those who don’t know Rose, she has a “thing” for Zebras. She collects them in all forms except the real form.

Thanks, Crystal and Rose, for answering my call.

Do you have a Christmas Tree? I do, but I’m still decorating, so I’ll post soon. Send me a photo of your Christmas Tree to post here. I’d like to keep this going because it is joyful and lifts my spirits. I hope it lifts yours, too!

One thought on “Christmas Trees

  1. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but keep those trees coming! they are beautiful. And we need beauty, & its celebration, now & always. As ever, thanks, Kate.

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