Fire Monks

Tonight, at the Henry Miller Memorial Library at 8 pm, the author of the just released book about the five monks who stayed at Tassajara to save the retreat from the Basin Fire, “Fire Monks” will be present for a reading and autographs of the book which was just released yesterday. Also present will be David Zimmerman for a slide presentation of some of the photos taken of this amazing and heart-warming event. He, as the director of the center, and four others stayed behind, without any professional firefighting back-up and saved the center from the devastating effects of this savage fire. I have had a link here for 3 years, to the right of those photos (but haven’t checked it in quite a while to see if it is still valid) – there are amazing, as were the challenges these five faced.

Just a word of warning for those affected by the Basin Fire: It is very moving account and I found myself reliving some of my own experiences of both the Basin and Chalk Fires.

Warning for the rest of you: It is a page-turner. Don’t pick it up unless you have the afternoon free. I read my copy last night and this morning. Wouldn’t have gone to sleep at all, but I was pretty tired and had a busy day today!

Here is a link to the book: Fire Monks

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  1. Thanks for the info on the presentation and about the book. Your link to their photos still works.

  2. Hi Kate! Thanks for your kind words about the book. David and I had a fantastic time at the Henry Miller Library event and want to thank the kindred-spirit Big Sur community for your warmth. –Colleen Morton Busch

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