Controlled Burn on Ft. Hunter-Liggett

8:30 pm – the drift has spread out over the ocean and to the north. It is considerable. Here is a shot of it. That golden layer on the horizon is the smoke.

I have confirmed what I suspected, as I have been watching smoke drift all day, again today. On WildCAD-LPF

“07/16/2011 10:14 LPF-1692 Prescribed Fire FHL Training area 24”

The interesting thing is that the smoke drift has grown considerably since 3:00 o’clock this afternoon. I will continue to check it until sunset.

3 thoughts on “Controlled Burn on Ft. Hunter-Liggett

  1. What a beautiful photo, Kate. Just goes to show you what a non-native would not be able to see without your interpretation and warning.

  2. I agree with Leslie — it may be a picture of smoke on the water, but all I see is paradise.

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