Fire Fighting Fees & Fire fighting workshop

Synchronistically, I received two notices today about information of interest to most of my readers.

This first segment is from the Big Sur Volunteer Friday Brigade about the new fire fighting fees I first wrote about a few days ago:

Some SRA Fee FAQ’s

Q: What is SRA?
A: SRA is defined in PRC 4126 found here:
SRA maps by county can be found at:

Q: What is the SRA fee?
A: The SRA fee is a “fire prevention fee” of up to $150 for each “structure” on a parcel within SRA

Q: What kind of structures will it be applied to?
A: The bill language defines a structure as “a building used or intended to be used for human habitation” including but not limited to a mobile home or manufactured home.

Q: How will the fees be collected?
A: The bill directs the Board of Forestry to adopt emergency regulations to establish the fee which the State Board of Equalization will be responsible for assessing and collecting.

Q: When will the fee go into effect and who will have to pay?
A: A lot of the details of the bill are still unknown. The Governor has asked a working group to address many of the complexities and issues.

Q: What’s the next step?
A: The legislation requires the Board of Forestry to adopt emergency regulations to establish the fee in an amount not to exceed $150.

Q: How can I voice my opinion on the issue?
A: The public can provide written comment to the Board prior to 5 p.m., Monday, August 8, 2011.

Via mail:
Board of Forestry and Fire Protection
Attn: George Gentry
Executive Officer
P.O. Box 944246
Sacramento, CA 94244-2460
Via facsimile (fax):
(916) 653-0989
Via e-mail:
The exact language of the bill can be found at
US Forest Service workshop on July 26, 2011
Big Sur Station, 9am to 4pm
Please park in the Trailhead parking area (no charge)
There are local establishments where lunch can be purchased
This one-day workshop will will help us understand the complexities of managing fire across our local landscape. The workshop will begin with a class on Basic Principles and Theory of Fire Fighting followed by a series of Round-Robin Exercises leading up to Sand Table Exercises.
Basic Principles and Theory of Fire Fighting will improve our understanding of how fire reacts and escalates based on variables such as fuels, slope, aspect and weather.
Round-Robin Exercises will cover: The physical challenges of fire suppression; Firefighter injury and fatalities; Predicting how different fuels interact in the fire environment; Wildland fire suppression decision-making process; Predicting fire behavior based on flame length, rate of spread and ember attack.
The Sand Table Exercise is a tactical decision exercise using a large box with sand created terrain and props for personnel and equipment. Scenarios will be created to simulate how fire management personnel make a myriad of decisions under circumstances of changing fire behavior, considering firefighter and public safety, land ownership, and more, in a tactical context.
Any questions, please contact
Jeff Kwasny
Monterey District Resource Officer
Los Padres National Forest
Big Sur Station #1
Big Sur, CA 93920

7 thoughts on “Fire Fighting Fees & Fire fighting workshop

  1. Thanks for the invaluable info, Kate. The mismanaged state is going after the over-papered, over-taxed, very visible land owner to boost empty coffers. Nicely veiled in public safety and firefighting forces (who doesn’t want safety and love firemen?). I worry it’s an inroad to steady increases of essentially a new tax on land, government intrusion onto private property, and may be run by an agency that doesn’t have to demonstrate fiduciary responsibility. A law that can be readily justified but may never fulfill the intended purpose. And likely passed on in tenant rents. Don’t forget to duck.

  2. I agree- soo -remember dirt in the sheets = the elimation of the middle class

  3. All you have done is stir people up. You S H O U L D state what the fee will do.

  4. Great question. What will the fees do that is not already covered? I am baffled by your comment re storing people up, though. I am just providing information.

  5. A very concise and clear explanation of the bill can be found on, which is where I found your address. I apoligize for insinuating you are stirring folks up. I have seen so many negative comments from people who only see their taxes rise, and have never read the bill. The only adverse feeling I have is that here in Weaverville, we have a first class fire dept which we pay taxes to maintain and still we are in the SRA sphere of influence and must pay the tax. Again, I apoligize.

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