Playing Tourist in Big Sur

I’m playing tourist in Big Sur, today, starting with a great teriyaki hamburger for lunch at Lucia. From here, I head to Big Sur Valley and do a bit of shopping, the meet friends at River Inn, and eventually, head to Ventana for dinner. Lucky me.

The good thing about this is that I can use the wifi at various places to get some of the photos us I have wanted to get up for a this last week.

Here are a few:

Flowers by Connie Willett

I’ll be back later – on to touristy things!

6 thoughts on “Playing Tourist in Big Sur

  1. Connie’s gardens are beyond compare, beautiful every minute, week and month. The second shot of our coast all draped in fog is exquisite. Thanks for the views.

  2. Good for you! People always talk about tourists as ‘them’
    but we are all tourists at one time or another. When I go
    back to England I really enjoy being a tourist!

  3. Love the contrast between the man-made umbrella and nature’s flowers, Kate.
    That second photo is how I dream! Never much color and so much light and dark. This looks like the earth’s comforter. Beautiful!

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