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Mark your calendars – coming next month, the wonderful annual fundraiser for the Big Sur Health Clinic which has become a well-attended event! I’ll post a reminder, closer to time, but if you are interested, you should get your tickets now, before they are all sold out.

I have photos of the Rain Rocks rock shed and Pitkin’s Curve bridge project (it is fascinating) and also additional follow-up on fracking for gas in Southern Monterey County, all coming up when time and internet allows.

Thanks for sticking with this blog, while I have been so busy with my personal projects and work.

2 thoughts on “Art from here and there …

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Kate. As for ‘sticking with this blog,’ easy peasey. When there’s always an adventure in store, who minds waiting.

  2. I sadly wish I got the word about the event in time to donate a painting, as I have done in the past. Oh, well, there are plenty of other artists who have scrambled to get art in the fundraiser, so there is plenty to auction. Anyway, we were struck with a disaster when a plumbing leak in a toilet main flooded our apartment between the walls, and caused our ceiling and drywall to collapse, and the horrendous mold took over on everything. An untold amount of our possessions, including my art, was destroyed. A total loss. We are still in shock, trying to salvage what we can. I am going to give away a set of art work that survived to help out the SCCLT in the Jade Festival. It should help to lift my spirits.

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