Brother John

Those of you who knew Brother John, knew he was an amazing artist in metal. I have several of his jewelry pieces and one garden piece of his. I wish I had more.Those of you who knew Brother John know that he passed over recently. He will be missed by us all

A memorial will be held next Saturday, September 3rd at 3 pm at Ragged Point. BYOB. According to Lisa (see comments below) it is to be held at 2 pm. My information also came from someone who saw a poster. I’ll try to confirm the time. I’ll see some of you there.

Later today, I’ll post some photos taken this week of the work at Pitkin’s Curve and Rain Rocks.

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  1. I remember Brother John warmly and well. So sorry to hear of his passing. Thanks for another important and timely post/reminder, Kate.

  2. Thanks, Kate. I regret I did not know Brother John, but I know that Big Sur likes its artists living and working. Not too many other parts of the world feel that way. He’ll be missed here, his art energy survives the mortal frame.

  3. I am very sorry to learn Brother John passed. Many prayers for his passing & any family he left behind.

  4. Oh, no! I’d heard he was not doing well but I’m SO sorry not to have seen him recently to remind him of how much I loved his work…. sigh. Thanks for the post, Kate. xoxox

  5. A real legend in the art world of working artists. He had quite the gig at Ragged Point and that place will never be the same without that energy!

    I saw on a poster that the memorial was at 2 so if someone could confirm it to be 2 or 3 I would appreciate that.

  6. Brother John was an amazing artist and human. I treasure a healing stone that he gave me. It worked well. Thank You Brother John, long live your spirit.

  7. Brother John Mehan was not a man to go to a doctor..
    Now ,he is gone all too soon as a result. He made his own choices as always.
    It’s worth noting that Ragged Point Inn recognized the artist Bro John was ,and supported him, made room for him, almost made him an institution , over many years. He wasn’t always charming or pretty…
    The Rag gets extra credit for that in my book. They’ve been good neighbors. The Rag will be considerably blander without him.

    He developed his own style and niche in metal sculpture. Others emulated him to the point where millions of copies of his work now circulate the globe .
    In his day, very few folks were his equal with an O/A torch…He was extremely quick and fascile.
    His design work prominently featured his tongue in his cheek, much of the time..
    Rumor had it that he was not a good man to marry.
    John loved late night lunatic radio of the Art Bell sort.
    Some days he’d try to convince me that something rash he heard was the concealed truth. He had to work to keep a straight face.
    John was a wag and liked putting folks on.
    He kept most people safely at a distance .
    He was a self made curmudgeon.
    I miss him.

  8. Phoebe and Peter, I only knew Br. John casually by way of intermittent conversations over the years. I really appreciate your tribute/reminiscence about him above — and also you’ve increased my appreciation for Ragged Pt. Inn. It’s really helpful to hear your inside view. Thanks again.

  9. phoebe and peter, your comments on brother john brought tears to my eyes. as you know i worked for him for almost twenty years, not only was he an incredible artist but he had a one of a kind personality! i will never forget my years with him and miss him so much, even though i know hes is looking down at us with a big smile on his face. sally gilbert.

  10. For some reason I miss the dad I never got the chance to meet. John I will get that chance someday.
    Mickie Snelling

  11. My husband and i met brother john on the side of the road when we bought a simple, unique shell and driftwood mobile. It has survived our tough Pennsylvania winds and winters gracefully. I’ve always wanted another but couldn’t find john on subsequent west coast trips. it finally occurred to me to google. I am sorry to find he is gone and hope his journey is peaceful. I now know where to find his workshop. Actually, it is not too far from the side of the road where we met. When we misplaced west coast spirits visit again, we will welcome another work of art to join john’s already present spirit.

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