Storm Report

I had to leave this morning at 6 am – in the dark, in the rain with clouds sitting on top of me. The drive down was a nightmare, but I had to get Gideon to the vet for surgery.

By the time I hit the highway, the rain had stopped, and dawn was arriving. I’d also come out from under the clouds. I slid in the mud at least 1/2 a dozen times, but I made it.

The road from Jade Cove to Ragged Point had rocks in the north bound lane, many, many places. Cal-Trans was out on dawn patrol. Hit a major squall south of Cambria. I have to spend the day here in Morro Bay until he’s ready to pick up and Dakota gets her check up.

I couldn’t check my own gauge in the dark, while handling two dogs, but reports have come in of 1/2 inch in Big Sur Valley and an inch and a half at Esalen. Based on that, I probably got two inches.

Big Sur Kate got caught. I should have changed my links over from fire watch to storm watch. Will do that this evening. I did get the top 10 photos chosen, so I’ll start uploading them tonight to a draft so that they will be ready for voting sometime tomorrow.

Stay safe, out there, and let us know how you faired in the comments below.