Oh, sh** – Lightning strikes

8:30pm – crystal clear and crisp evening. Received .4 inches of rain this afternoon, for a total for the week and the season of 5.9 inches. Yup, fire season is toast.

1:30pm – the lightning moved on, and all is quiet on the home front. I actually enjoy thunder and lightning when I can count to 5 between them. When it is almost simultaneous, not so much.

1:00pm – another one, right HERE. Okay, this is not fun, and I am turning off my electronics until it moves away.

12:57pm – Lightning and thunder just now, right smack on top of me! Dakota is shaking at my feet hiding under my desk. Oh, my!

Photo Contest – Vote NOW!

Today, despite the weather (or maybe because of it?) the internet goddess smiled mightily on me, and I was able to upload all ten photographs easily. She is also letting me update my links, changing over from fire watch to storm watch. I should complete the transition shortly.











Fire Watch is over, Storm Watch is on

Monday night, as I thought, I got 2 inches of rain. Tuesday night I received 2 and 1/2 inches of rain, but worse, the winds were pretty bad. As I thought, Plaskett was blocked. My neighbor and Rock Knocker got out early this morning and got it cleared. John started at the top, Rock Knocker started at the bottom, and they met in the middle at Turkey Flats where an entire tree toppled and blocked the road. Last night, I got a mere 1 inch, but more is on the way this morning.

I am in the process of changing over the links to the right, and I will also be uploading the photos for the header contest throughout the day. It won’t be made public until all 10 are up, hopefully by this afternoon.

Weather tomorrow for the Jade Festival is supposed to be clear, albeit cool, so dress in the usual Big Sur layers. I won’t be reporting live tomorrow, but perhaps on Saturday.