Oh, sh** – Lightning strikes

8:30pm – crystal clear and crisp evening. Received .4 inches of rain this afternoon, for a total for the week and the season of 5.9 inches. Yup, fire season is toast.

1:30pm – the lightning moved on, and all is quiet on the home front. I actually enjoy thunder and lightning when I can count to 5 between them. When it is almost simultaneous, not so much.

1:00pm – another one, right HERE. Okay, this is not fun, and I am turning off my electronics until it moves away.

12:57pm – Lightning and thunder just now, right smack on top of me! Dakota is shaking at my feet hiding under my desk. Oh, my!

5 thoughts on “Oh, sh** – Lightning strikes

  1. Holy Moley, Kate! Stay clear of walls, appliances and running water, put on rubber soled something. If it feels like your peak is being targeted wouldn’t it help to be in the car? Years ago I watched a big bolt of lightning six inches in front of me come down from the roof at the back of my old carriage house in Brooklyn, straight down on a wall mounted electrical pipe against brick, and right into and through the stainless steel sink. I stood there with my mouth open. it was fast and bright and fascinating. And grounded courtesy NYC. I wonder where it ended up. Not in me. Don’t forget to duck. Give the doggies some half and half or steak (oh, talking about me, I’m hungry) or their favorite something and maybe take their collars off. Don’t take a shower. Keep us posted and stay safe!

  2. Thanks, looks from VAFB radar that it’s coming down the coast, we put a tarp over the scarecrow here at The Cambrian.

  3. I am in rubber soled shoes, everything is well grounded, due to my position at the top of the ridge. Definitely no shower! It seems to have abated and moved somewhere else, thank god. I’ll give the dogs their favorite treat!

    BTW, years ago, I saw a lightning ball come through the airplane I was in right in front of me! That was really something.

  4. Oh my gosh Kate, hang tight, or loose. Scary situation, but I’m sure that your guardian angels are working overtime on your behalf. Be safe, and keep us posted as you can.

  5. an update? hoping it has passed and all is well….. at least for now. Hugs!

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