Distressed Gray Whale

I received this from Susan Perry, of Pacific Valley School:

Thanks for your help in getting the word out about this whale in distress. The enmeshed grey whale had been spotted yesterday south of Gorda at Alder Creek at 8am and then again about 9:15am near Willow Creek which is north of Gorda. It was heading north and not very fast but may have already passed Esalen. This whale was first spotted and captured at Laguna Beach last week. Wildlife personnel had managed to remove some of the fish netting that restricted the whale before it escaped into open ocean and vanished in open sea as night fell. The federal wildlife agencies have been doing their best to try to locate and recapture the whale long enough to remove the rest of the netting and treat it for its injuries. It is a rare type of grey whale.

Anybody who spots the whale is asked to call Jim Milbury of the National Marine Fisheries Service at 562-980-4006. He may also be contacted at 310-245-7114.

Also, don’t forget the BSMAAC meeting at 10:00 am at the Lodge in Big Sur. Two items on the agenda: The Coastal Trail planning process update by Bill Monning; and the Rocky Creek Viaduct update.

Finally, a reminder that the Big Sur International Marathon will be held this Sunday. There are passes available. Per Stan Russell, of the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce:

“Big Sur employees needing to travel from town to Big Sur before the first southbound caravan (departing the Crossroads at about 9:45 A.M.) PASSES will be available for pick-up at the Big Sur River Inn Motel office beginning Thursday morning, April 26, 2012. After 4:00 A.M. Sunday morning, only local traffic WITH PASSES will be allowed to travel south past Otter Cover. All traffic with passes must be south of Otter Cover by 5:30 A.M.”

I have photos of the tents being set up at the finish line which I will post tomorrow, internet allowing. It looks like a circus is coming to town. 😉