Big Sur welcomes us home

Coming home this afternoon, Big Sur welcomed Rock Knocker in a way only she could.

I was driving his ML 500. He was telling me how to drive. Suddenly, he cries out. A 3 ft boulder came falling down the Bear Chute, almost taking out the passenger side of the car. It landed right next to RK, and fortunately fell into a muddy ditch, so it didn’t roll, bounce, or otherwise cause damage. I was completely oblivious.

Bear Chute is the southern drain of Mud Creek, just north of Sea View Ranch. Clearly, it is moving. How much and how fast is something I can’t predict, but it will be interesting to watch the next few days, and even more so during the upcoming rains.

As I have warned before, sometimes the dry periods after week-long rains is the most dangerous, particularly if we have hot weather, and boy is it hot tonight!

Yesterday, Rock Knocker’s mother’s ashes were spread outside the Morro Bay Harbor that she loved. Three dolphins jumped out of the water to lead her home.