Big Sur welcomes us home

Coming home this afternoon, Big Sur welcomed Rock Knocker in a way only she could.

I was driving his ML 500. He was telling me how to drive. Suddenly, he cries out. A 3 ft boulder came falling down the Bear Chute, almost taking out the passenger side of the car. It landed right next to RK, and fortunately fell into a muddy ditch, so it didn’t roll, bounce, or otherwise cause damage. I was completely oblivious.

Bear Chute is the southern drain of Mud Creek, just north of Sea View Ranch. Clearly, it is moving. How much and how fast is something I can’t predict, but it will be interesting to watch the next few days, and even more so during the upcoming rains.

As I have warned before, sometimes the dry periods after week-long rains is the most dangerous, particularly if we have hot weather, and boy is it hot tonight!

Yesterday, Rock Knocker’s mother’s ashes were spread outside the Morro Bay Harbor that she loved. Three dolphins jumped out of the water to lead her home.

~ by bigsurkate on April 21, 2012.

8 Responses to “Big Sur welcomes us home”

  1. good stuff


  2. heart-thumper! Yikes–I was going to ask for a time estimate from CV to MB on 1 next week, but I think I’ll cut over through Gfield. Staying overnight at Rose’s place in Cachagua, hoping for brunch at The Store before coming home from Aptos. Could you comment sometime about how one goes about scattering ashes out of MB?
    Take care out there.


  3. Hard drama from on high! Tempered with an ocean home-coming. BSK–theres a ‘story line’ in this post! Surf with it!


  4. The stunning, woooly wild south coast adventures of BSK/RK/ML500, zowie. Years ago north to Bixby, boulder dropped, under the car before it hit asphalt and raised me three feet up, what a noise! kept going. My great old ’74 GMC suburban could take anything. Like you guys. Rock Knocker’s mom must’ve re-directed that big boulder missile, kind of a sweet rainbow promise goodbye: ‘I’ll keep you safe’, then the blown kisses from her dolphins. Oh Kate. What a story.


  5. this has definitely been an eventful time there!


  6. Bless Rock Knockers Mother. Greeted to her rest by God’s most magnificent creatures.


  7. This situation could be referenced in the handbook, unfortunately now long out-of-print, called “The Must/Must Not Do- A Book for the Sexes” by G.O. Devine. IIRC (if I remember correctly), it was in Part II, and I paraphrase: Man must not comment on woman’s skills (cooking, driving, etc.). It was right after Part I, about: woman must not eat apple from the tree…


  8. Muddy ditches are there for a reason! Glad all went well.

    Nature at her finest in MB…


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