Rock Knocker & Volunteer

Rock Knocker did well during the surgery. He is in pain, and grumpy, but back in the motel room, sipping chicken noodle soup and wanting a vicodin he has to wait for.

I have a volunteer I am going to train on WordPress over drinks at the River Inn, and when she is ready, I’ll let her introduce herself.

So, tonight, all is in well.

6 thoughts on “Rock Knocker & Volunteer

  1. Glad the surgery went well. And very happy to hear you have someone to help you. Love you & RK.

  2. good and it sure helps to have someone to be there too. So glad you found this wonderful angel!

  3. Happy Spring! Things are starting to look up. Best wishes to you Kate and your new helper. Exciting!

  4. Yeah to Rock Knocker’s surgery going so well and to you for taking good care of him and all of us. Have fun with your volunteer assistant and enjoy this lovely weather.

  5. Glad RK’s surgery went well and you found an assistant. All’s well that ends well!

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