Week in the life of … And Earth Day weekend in Big Sur

Last week’s storms wrecked havoc with my systems. My life was about staying warm and dry, and keeping things on the mountain, as opposed to being blown into the sea. High winds, rain, thunder and lightning made it interesting, for sure.

Rock Knocker’s hernia surgery was scheduled, canceled, and rescheduled, all for tomorrow. The celebration of life for his mother is Saturday. He can’t drive for a week, so that falls on me. My Mother’s tablet unveiling is next month and I have been busy making the arrangements, sending out notifications, getting RSVPs and the like. Add in my mammogram, my appointment with the prosthetist for a leg that is about to come unhinged, my three motions, two briefs, and one petition for review, and life has kept me focused on the physical world, not the cyber one. I’m working on my sense of humor – which is critical.

Lots going on Earth Day weekend in Big Sur, including at the Henry Miller Library (see the HML link to the right under non-profits)and at Pacific Valley School. Both are Saturday, the 21st. Details will be posted on the announcement page, if my hectic schedule allows. And if not tonight or while Rock Knocker is in surgery, it probably won’t get done. I have posters to download, and then upload, for both, and I will do what I can, but right now that is not much.

On top of that, there is a lovely painting of process from canyons to condors by my artist friend, Leslie White that I have been wanting to get up for over a week now.

Hope to be back on track next week!

I need a volunteer assistant, I think. Any volunteers?


7 thoughts on “Week in the life of … And Earth Day weekend in Big Sur

  1. Sounds like you do need an assistant. If I still lived in Monterey, I’d volunteer! In the meantime, take care that you don’t wear yourself completely out.

  2. Hi Honey. Wow! Your life is crazy right now. You know I’d be there to help if I still lived in the Sur. But…if there is anything I can do from here, just ask! I’m all yours. Tell my brother I love him and best of luck on the surgery. And good luck with all your stuff. I love you both. ~muah!~

  3. Good luck on those pesky details of life that keep us from enjoying where we live and good luck to Rock Knocker on his surgery. I hope to see him taking his daily walkabout in about a month or so.

  4. Wowie, Wowie, life sure seems to be consuming you. Best outcome for all of it, stay well, thinking of you through all of this. That volunteer will appear, or many volunteers will appear.

  5. oh Kate, sometimes Life just feels like it’s taking a piece of you piece by piece. I’m actually over in San Jose quite a bit now taking care of my Dad or coming home to get a rest or doing laundry, cooking and dishes and pet care here, I’d be happy to come down but can’t right now. If you need a hand making some phone calls or emailing someone, let me know, I may be able to do that, I know anything helps. Prayers coming!

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