Today was a soaker

Today was what Rock Knocker used to call a soaker – slow, steady, consistent rain. It is the type of rain that sets up slides, particularly mud slides, and I noticed a couple likely candidates just north of Pitkins Curve, south of The Hermitage. I think that one is called Paul’s Slide – you know the gray stuff. I’ve only gotten 3/4s of an inch, so far today, but it’s been steady every where I went.

I had to go to Monterey and Salinas for appts I have had to reschedule until today. I got to drive in all this rain all over the county. What fun. An amazing amount of tourists out and about taking photos in the rain, coming back from Garrapata Beach under an umbrellas and the like. An amazing number of large RVs of every type.

My road was the bad, the very bad, and the gawd awful. Thank goodness only some of it is clay.

I am enjoying the sound of the rain on my metal roof, the crackle of a fire in the wood stove, and the smell of wet dogs at my feet.

Enjoy our Spring rains – they will be with us most of this week.

4 thoughts on “Today was a soaker

  1. Sounds so cozy with the rain on your roof, fire in stove and dogs drying off. I do enjoy the rains and wish we got more during the year, not just Winter and early Spring. We’ll take what we can get though! Take care driving around.

  2. oh my gosh, Kate, been thinking about you all down there. Yep, our gardener supposed to come and mow our huge meadow of a yard Thursday, I don’t think so! And doing the appointments in rain, not fun. We’re sending some dry sun your way!

    Hugs from us, Jane and Tim, Santa Cruz

  3. Perfectly divine, if rugged, your images of home and county are a pleasure to take in, Kate. Hawks Perch II in Carmel Valley had a soaker yesterday, wet warm night and sunny morning in vivid colors. We’re not getting the tourist traffic yet that you describe south but surely hope is on the way. Best of luck with your own road, the transient landscape and Highway One.

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