Fire Season, 2012

Yesterday, there were two fires in SLO County. The largest, a couple hundred acres, was on Camp Roberts. The second started on the center divider of 101 and spread to the north bound lanes, near Welsona. CAL FIRE picked this one up. There was also a smoke check by LPNF for the west fork of Limekiln. The biggest fire, so far, was Wednesday and Thursday at training area 8 on Fort Hunter Leggitt. That one I and a neighbor smelled a strong smell of smoke Thursday night all the way up here.

A gentle reminder that fire season is here and we need to be cautious and aware.

3 thoughts on “Fire Season, 2012

  1. Thanks for the alert. Switching to carrier pigeons from wet blankets over dry leaves. Seriously, just reading this I remembered at once your great recent brush clearing and I’m glad you did and told us all. There’s a lot of cutting back going on here too, the meadow’s gotten a clip on the other side of the bridge and the sides of the highway are being trimmed. We live in a very alert part of the country, and good job for it.

  2. Time to carry gallons of H2O, shovels and a camera to take a picture of the campers license plate!

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