Sunday update – not much additional data this am, as all concerns are looking toward a larger and more difficult wind-driven fire in Riverside Co. Called the Highland Fire. It is between Beaumont and Banning. I generally don’t cover these out-of-area fires. As of 1 pm, the Ozena fire is 100% contained at 250 acres. Nice save, firefighters!

At 3:30 this afternoon a 5 acre fire was reported in Lockwood Valley. 15 minutes later it was 50 acres. By 7:15 pm, it was reported to be over 250 acres.The ICP has been set up at OZENA FF, and a briefing has been scheduled for 6 am. The fuel is reported as grass, with structures threatened. Last heard fire is at 250 acres and moving east towards Scheideck camp, its been evacuated. Fire is staying on the south side of Lockwood valley rd., east of hwy 33. It seems to be in the footprint of the “day” fire.

At 10:00 pm, I called a friend who lives in Lockwood (which is way north of Lockwood Valley, which is in Ventura County, while Lockwood is in Monterey County) who said they had been out to the south, and the smoke was really bad. Tonight they can see a glow to the SW from Lockwood itself. Will be watching this one as long as it deserves watching, but while it is in the Los Padres National Forest, it is not a threat here.

Cliff rescue

Around noon this afternoon, a cliff rescue was underway near the Coast Gallery. Apparently, a tourist had fallen down the cliff while taking photographs. Around 12:30, rescuers were speaking with the individual, but hadn’t gotten that person up the side of the cliff. I have no information about the nature of any injuries.

Please be aware when visiting our coast, that climbing on our rocks on the side of the road is ill-advised. Mountain Goats and Condors excepted. It is usually a v-e-r-y long way down.

Thanks Allan Groves for the eyewitness account.