Calf fire! Santa Margarita

10:00 pm update- marine lawyer has been heading inland and it is friggin COLD up here, (i consider the current 56 degrees in the middle of July COLD!)and I hear the marine layer is assisting firefighting efforts. Good news for ff on the line. CHP have reopened highway 58 to traffic (it has been closed for most of the day) and fire conditions are no longer a concern tonight. I’ll check on things in the am, but for now, I am calling it a night on this fire.

6:00 pm update- VLAT order filed, so Very Large Air Tanker on way to make a couple drops before nightfall. Due t arrive around 6:40 pm. Fire crossed Parkhill Rd. heading to ridge top. Fire 750 acres with 0% containment. Also has AT 74,76, 80, 81, and 83 on it, as well as copters 523 and 527, acceding to my source near Paso airport and KSBY in SLO. Mandatory evacuations on Parkhill Rd ordered. LPNF sent the following:
BC 31, 32,33, Crew 3, dozen 3, eng 15, E 16, both 4×4, E31, 4×4, E 37,41, 43, 47, 4×4, 801, helo 528, etc.

4:00 pm – Wildfire just east of Santa Margarita at 58 and Pozo. Cal Fire reporting 500 acres and 0% containment. At least two strike teams called out. I am in town on iPhone so will update when I get to River inn, in about 1 and 1/2 hours and can get on my iPad. I also have photos of the rock shed to put up tomorrow, update on BSMAAC meeting Friday, as well as other reports on new BLM leases in Lockwood, Jolon area for gas oil development, possibly fracking. It will be a busy blog week.

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