Sunsets at Asilomar

I am doing well, just catching up on the 6 weeks I lost. The tide has turned on the Waldo Canyon Fire, after losing almost 350 homes, one civilian life, with another missing, and at least my family is safe. My heart aches for those who lost their homes, people and critters alike.

So, tonight, I bring you some sunset photos from Dan Danbom. Thanks, again, Dan. Also, I’ll be changing my header photo in memory of and honor to my friend Terrydactyl, for the month of July. Still looking for the lone hiker photo. Hoping it is on my other computer.



As ever, Dan, thanks for helping to keep it interesting!

Waldo Fire, Colorado Springs

This fire more than doubled overnight from 6500 acres to 15,500 acres. It is a nightmare! 32,000 people were evacuated yesterday. My daughter, Crystal Cannon, took this photo last evening on her way home from work. Her husband is a volunteer firefighter, and was sent out last night to fight the fire. She and the kids have the car packed and ready to go, if ordered.


And here is one her husband published to FB, unknown photographer.


I know I don’t normally publish about out-of-state wildfires, but this one is hitting close to home for me.

New USFS Monterey District Ranger

Date: June 26, 2012 Los Padres National Forest
6755 Hollister Ave. #150
CONTACT: Andrew Madsen (805) 961-5759

Los Padres National Forest Announces New Monterey District Ranger

GOLETA, CA….Los Padres National Forest officials today announced the selection of Tim Short as the new Monterey District Ranger. Short is currently the North Kaibab District Ranger on the Kaibab National Forest in Arizona.

Short replaces Sherry Tune, who became Forest Supervisor of the Mendocino National Forest earlier this year.

“Tim has a solid background in natural resources and wilderness management, and will play a pivotal role in the community,” said Los Padres Forest Supervisor Peggy Hernandez. “He’s worked as a district ranger for nearly a decade, and his experience will be instrumental in his new position.”

Short is a native of Spokane, Washington, and began working with the U.S. Forest Service as a seasonal employee on the Umatilla and Okanogan National Forests in Oregon in 1979. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1985 with a degree in Forest Management. From 1986 to 1988 he served as a community forester with the Peace Corps in Nepal. Short worked as a forester on the Tonto National Forest in Arizona following his stint with the Peace Corps before accepting a district recreation officer position in 1992 on what was then the Las Vegas Ranger District of the Toiyabe National Forest along the California-Nevada border. This area was subsequently redesignated as the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.

From 1999-2004, Short served as Deputy District Ranger on the Jackson and Buffalo Ranger Districts of the Bridger-Teton National Forest before returning to the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area as District Ranger. He has worked since 2007 in his current position as District Ranger on the Kaibab National Forest.

“This is an exciting time to be a part of public stewardship along this magnificent stretch of coastline,” Short said. “I’m looking forward to engaging with local stakeholders and the many visitors who come to enjoy these incredible recreation opportunities.”

Short reports for duty July 30.

Colorado Wildfires

I don’t cover out-of-area wildfires, in most cases, and I’m not going to cover these, except to let my readers know I am a tad preoccupied. There are many going on in the state, one of which is Waldo Canyon, just outside Colorado Springs, where my daughter and 3 of my grandchildren live. 11,000 people were evacuated this morning. Not my daughter. Nevertheless, it is close enough to worry, and to spend much of my online time keeping up with the status. Once I am no longer preoccupied, I have photos and events to cover. Hopefully in the next couple of days.

Full Moon over Plaskett

I am recovering from some oral surgery yesterday … Doing much better than expected, so I am sharing some photos my friend Barbara Woyt sent me. Thanks, Barbara!!




20120621-063901.jpgBy the way, for those of you who wonder, my place if off to the right of the full moon!

Condor Photos by Dan

Here are some photos that Dan sent he a few days ago. To all the Father’s out there … HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!


The amazing thing about this second photograph is the narrow depth of field, as evidenced by the wing tips, and yet how focused is the eye. Great job, Dan! Thank you!


Sunday update – not much additional data this am, as all concerns are looking toward a larger and more difficult wind-driven fire in Riverside Co. Called the Highland Fire. It is between Beaumont and Banning. I generally don’t cover these out-of-area fires. As of 1 pm, the Ozena fire is 100% contained at 250 acres. Nice save, firefighters!

At 3:30 this afternoon a 5 acre fire was reported in Lockwood Valley. 15 minutes later it was 50 acres. By 7:15 pm, it was reported to be over 250 acres.The ICP has been set up at OZENA FF, and a briefing has been scheduled for 6 am. The fuel is reported as grass, with structures threatened. Last heard fire is at 250 acres and moving east towards Scheideck camp, its been evacuated. Fire is staying on the south side of Lockwood valley rd., east of hwy 33. It seems to be in the footprint of the “day” fire.

At 10:00 pm, I called a friend who lives in Lockwood (which is way north of Lockwood Valley, which is in Ventura County, while Lockwood is in Monterey County) who said they had been out to the south, and the smoke was really bad. Tonight they can see a glow to the SW from Lockwood itself. Will be watching this one as long as it deserves watching, but while it is in the Los Padres National Forest, it is not a threat here.

Cliff rescue

Around noon this afternoon, a cliff rescue was underway near the Coast Gallery. Apparently, a tourist had fallen down the cliff while taking photographs. Around 12:30, rescuers were speaking with the individual, but hadn’t gotten that person up the side of the cliff. I have no information about the nature of any injuries.

Please be aware when visiting our coast, that climbing on our rocks on the side of the road is ill-advised. Mountain Goats and Condors excepted. It is usually a v-e-r-y long way down.

Thanks Allan Groves for the eyewitness account.

Controlled Burn at FHL no longer controlled?

Sat. Update – no plumes, and no wind to speak of. That is a good thing.

For DAYS we have had lots of smoke, due to a controlled burn in Stoney Valley. Finally, it is being reported as a wildfire. WildCAD-LPNF reported a dispatch of BC 12 and Engines 15 and 16 at 1747 hours. It is in the Hay Camp area. I will be following this, of course. The good news is there is no column I can see.