Waldo Fire, Colorado Springs

This fire more than doubled overnight from 6500 acres to 15,500 acres. It is a nightmare! 32,000 people were evacuated yesterday. My daughter, Crystal Cannon, took this photo last evening on her way home from work. Her husband is a volunteer firefighter, and was sent out last night to fight the fire. She and the kids have the car packed and ready to go, if ordered.


And here is one her husband published to FB, unknown photographer.


I know I don’t normally publish about out-of-state wildfires, but this one is hitting close to home for me.

7 thoughts on “Waldo Fire, Colorado Springs

  1. this is so sad, thanks for sharing, I am sending some special prayers everyone’s way, hang tough Kate, you’ve got a very smart family.

  2. Dearest Kate, Devastating pictures. I’ve cared about your every family member, the doggies, and right down to the new solar heater and clearing the grounds around your place that you’ve ever written about, and it’s still true. I’m glad you’re keeping us up to date here. It’s America, one of our states is on fire, and knowing the added personal lives mean a lot. This is not what’s on the news. We’re all worried about Colorado. And all the Kate connections to it. Your daughter and her family will be fine, so keep reporting. XXOO

  3. Kate:
    Please keep me posted as well. Loving thoughts & prayers going out to you & your family. I have an Uncle & Cousin with 5 kids in the middle of it too.

  4. Joining in all those good thoughts other have already expressed.
    big hugs,

  5. Kate: So sorry your daughter and her family are affected, your family too, Sandy K. I hope they all fare well enough in it and everyone comes out unscathed, especially those fighting the fires! Lisa

  6. I didn’t know you had a daughter in Springs! I’m about an hour and a half away in Heurfano County- La Veta. We’ve been watching this fire with a lot of interest- it’s the closest one so far this year. You’re the second person from out of state to post about this particular fire. Another friend of mine in Monterey/ Pac Grove used to live in Springs. Right now it is 45% contained and still 10,000 on evacuation status. This year has been pretty bad. They all seemed to happen at once. Not enough snow and not enough rain. Arizona, too, I guess. No break from last year and we get the smoke from AZ all the way over here! Maybe something good comes from it all, somehow.. One can only hope.

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