Sunsets at Asilomar

I am doing well, just catching up on the 6 weeks I lost. The tide has turned on the Waldo Canyon Fire, after losing almost 350 homes, one civilian life, with another missing, and at least my family is safe. My heart aches for those who lost their homes, people and critters alike.

So, tonight, I bring you some sunset photos from Dan Danbom. Thanks, again, Dan. Also, I’ll be changing my header photo in memory of and honor to my friend Terrydactyl, for the month of July. Still looking for the lone hiker photo. Hoping it is on my other computer.



As ever, Dan, thanks for helping to keep it interesting!

3 thoughts on “Sunsets at Asilomar

  1. Gorgeous Dan & thanks for sharing Kate! Also very glad your family is out of harms way. You can sleep a little easier now. Namaste, & get some good rest!!
    XXXOOO, Sandy

  2. Bravo Photographer !!

    (what lens are you using ?)

    Thank you


  3. Superb ocean and sky, and maybe best of all that it is here and we are in it. Imagine our closeness to such stirring landscapes. Thanks, Dan. Thanks, Kate.
    I too am horrified at the losses in Colorado. One life, too much, but not in contrast to the unleashed fury we’ve watched. Something more right than wrong happened with an alert population, and timely evacuations though I don’t approve of it being forced. We are brighter and better with every disaster that hits. When the going gets tough the tough get going. So thrilled to hear your family’s come through.

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