Condor Photos by Dan

Here are some photos that Dan sent he a few days ago. To all the Father’s out there … HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!


The amazing thing about this second photograph is the narrow depth of field, as evidenced by the wing tips, and yet how focused is the eye. Great job, Dan! Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Condor Photos by Dan

  1. I can’t say it’s gorgeous – but it is stunning. I’ve never seen the face of a condor before – unbelievable.

  2. Zowie. The thrill of being so close must’ve taken your breath away! So very beautiful.

    I can’t help it, I hate seeing the banding.

  3. HI Kate and followers, We are preparing for our annual trip to Kirk Creek. My husband has asked me (nagged) to ask for good gold panning sites. I figure that info is giving out the best fishing hole locations, but… If you misdirect us, please at least pick a pretty hike ;).

  4. beautiful photo Dan, I agree and if we had a photo contest now, I’d vote for it!

  5. Great Photos Dan! Looks like Condor #194, aka “Whalewatcher” in the photo. Whalewatcher is 15 year old adult male who is currently raising a chick along the coast with 16 year old female, #171 aka “Traveler”. They found a dead gray whale on the coast this month and have been feeding there regularly. We have noted that the wild chicks are bigger this year than in past years, most likely as a result of the fatty whale meat and blubber being fed to them around the clock by the parents. I think it’s safe to say the condors have re-discovered their “nitch” in the coastal food web, so amazing to see them subsisting on their own…and hard to believe we almost lost this incredible species back in the 80’s. You can learn more about individual condors at

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