Controlled Burn at FHL no longer controlled?

Sat. Update – no plumes, and no wind to speak of. That is a good thing.

For DAYS we have had lots of smoke, due to a controlled burn in Stoney Valley. Finally, it is being reported as a wildfire. WildCAD-LPNF reported a dispatch of BC 12 and Engines 15 and 16 at 1747 hours. It is in the Hay Camp area. I will be following this, of course. The good news is there is no column I can see.

7 thoughts on “Controlled Burn at FHL no longer controlled?

  1. No overflights out of Paso Robles…wait, I just heard something to check out.

  2. Oh, dear. A long summer ahead. We’ve had one really big burn here so far and it’s very, very dry.

  3. NO Indians didnt start the same way. No this wasnt a controlled burn that is no longer. Look for facts before posting. And for saying this burn should have never been attempted…. conditions on that day were perfect for a burn. You sometimes need a very warm day to get the objectives you need to meet.

  4. I did put a question mark, you noted, right? I did quote WildCAD-LPNF re dispatch of two engines and a BC, and as to whether it should have been attempted, I did check with a source who spent 35 years on FHL in FF, who told me burns were not allowed above above 10 mph, and weather reports put winds higher than that. What other facts did I neglect? I never claimed that Indians started the same way, and even the poster was unsure of that, and was asking a question. I’m open to suggestions as to how I can get more accurate reporting. If you have a number I can call for confirmation, I would gladly call. Send it to

  5. TV, in looking at my original post, there is nothing inaccurate in what I posted. Maybe WildCAD-LPNF was inaccurate, but I quoted them, thought to be an accurate source.

  6. I also faught and lived on liggett for many years. Fyi controll burns can be cunducted in winds higher than 10 mph the burn parameters that they use now can include winds up to 18mph. Also its for winds at the site so you may have winds at higher elevations or in different areas that are greater. As you know Kate that FHL uses FS resources to help with there controll burns. That is why on wildcad it showed those resources commited

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