Unique dog cliff rescue at Lucia

News Release
Release Date: June 13, 2012
Contact: Beth Brookhouser 831-760-0426

SPCA Rescues Dog from Cliff on Highway 1

The SPCA for Monterey County performed a cliff rescue in Lucia south of Big Sur today and is now looking for information on the rescued dog.

The dog, a one and a half year old unneutered shepherd mix, was found about 15 feet down the side of a cliff in Lucia on Highway 1. The reporting party first spotted him last night but due to evidence on the scene SPCA rescuers believe he was there at least a few days.

SPCA staff rescued the dog by lowering a skilled staff member down the side of the cliff and helping her return safely with the dog.

The rescued dog, dubbed Billy by SPCA rescuers, was immediately seen by SPCA veterinarian Dr. Carol Iida. Billy is very thin, covered in ticks, and suffering from diarrhea. In addition, the pads on his paws are severely red and worn, likely from trying to scramble up the side of the cliff.

When found, Billy was wearing a black leather collar and a red harness.

If you recognize Billy or have any information, please contact the SPCA at 831-373-2631. All calls are confidential.

Beth Brookhouser, CAWA
Director of Community Outreach
The SPCA for Monterey County
P.O. Box 3058
Monterey, CA 93942
Main: (831) 373-2631 or 422-4721
Direct: (831) 264-5469
Fax: (831) 373-8613

Here are photos of the Cliff, the rescue, and the dog.





6 thoughts on “Unique dog cliff rescue at Lucia

  1. How incredibly heartwarming, oh my God, what a tearjerker movie these pictures make. Bless all the fine rescuers involved, and Billy’s new chance for life. Maybe vacationers who never saw where he landed, or if he was unconscious and couldn’t bark after the fall. Please keep us updated. Wow, Kate. It’s never boring here.

  2. poor little thing, I am so glad this one was rescued and is being taken good care of. Thanks for posting. Whew, close one.

  3. Any chance a person had been walking with that dog and fell first or farther…? I trust the rescuers looked. What are the theories of how a dog would wind up alone down there…flying out of the back of a truck or what?

  4. This is one of the things I love about Big Sur, the local community caring so much and you for providing us in depth info Kate. So glad Billy was rescued and trust he is now in good hands and will either be adopted or his owners will be found. Thanks Kate.

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