The South Coast, the wild coast, NOT Lonely

What a great time we had … Celebrating life, beauty, and this incredible place where we live. It doesn’t get any better than this … Drumming, flute, music, ocean, creek, and great friends … Oh, and wonderful food!

The music ..


And, of course, the Jade!


And Guy’s famous BBQ


We will let you know when we have another, but it could be a while, as we are now focused on the Jade Festival coming up next month. We would love our north coast brethren and Cambria partners to join us!

~ by bigsurkate on September 15, 2012.

3 Responses to “The South Coast, the wild coast, NOT Lonely”

  1. Hoorah for life. Damn, I can feel it from here and wisht I’d been in it. Bravo Big Sur!


  2. I went to Big Sur Kate today via my iPad as I do most days. Got this new mobile version. It is terrible! Where is the lovely header photo, the links, etc. This new version is too basic, too email like. I can not see myself staying with this blog in this format regardless of how much I like the content.


  3. Jared, that happened to me, too. You might need the WordPress app, which I downloaded two versions, one for reading, on for editing. Also, if you scroll down to the very. Ottom, there is a “view full site” link, which gives you EAXTLY What I designed, and what you see on your computer. Enjoy.


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