Bicycle accident at Mud Creek

9/14 5 pm update – see the comments below for an update on the bicyclist’s condition. Thank you, April, and please keep us posted!

2:30 pm update – the man was airlifted to the trauma center, where he is presumably being treated. The 37-year-old man was from Southern California. He was wearing a helmet, and one witness said it probably saved his life.

Noon – about an hour or more ago, there was a serious bicycle accident near mud creek, just north of Sea View ranch. Witnesses to the crash said the bicyclist, a 37-year old volunteer firefighter (not one of ours) seized up, just before the crash. He suffered serious head injuries. No vehicle was involved. Rescuers were hoping to have him air-lifted to the trauma center in San Jose. I did see a helicopter heading north, flying low over me that I suspect was transporting the victim. People who stopped to help included an RN, a pediatrician, and a CT worker who was able to use the satellite phone to contact 911, as there is no cell phone service in much of the south coast highway segment. Also stopping to help was our own local Elaine Peltier, who has had some training and always carries a space blanket and surgical gloves in her vehicle.

Rocky Creek Closures meeting

Hi Everyone.

Please join us at the Big Sur Lodge at 10:00 AM this Friday to discuss traffic management on the Rocky Creek Viaduct project. The main speaker for Caltrans will be the District 5 Chief of Maintenance and Operations, Steve Price,

Possible topics for discussion, listed below, are based on questions I’ve been receiving from the Big Sur community over the last few days.
Why does the highway need to be closed?
Can the start time of the closure be moved to later in the evening?
Can the highway be opened up for a limited amount of time during the night to allow passage?
Did Caltrans notify the community of the need for these closures?
Other questions.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all. There will be hot coffee and tea waiting for you when you arrive.

Thank you,

Ken Dostalek
Caltrans District 5
Project Management
(805) 549-3133