Bicycle accident at Mud Creek

9/14 5 pm update – see the comments below for an update on the bicyclist’s condition. Thank you, April, and please keep us posted!

2:30 pm update – the man was airlifted to the trauma center, where he is presumably being treated. The 37-year-old man was from Southern California. He was wearing a helmet, and one witness said it probably saved his life.

Noon – about an hour or more ago, there was a serious bicycle accident near mud creek, just north of Sea View ranch. Witnesses to the crash said the bicyclist, a 37-year old volunteer firefighter (not one of ours) seized up, just before the crash. He suffered serious head injuries. No vehicle was involved. Rescuers were hoping to have him air-lifted to the trauma center in San Jose. I did see a helicopter heading north, flying low over me that I suspect was transporting the victim. People who stopped to help included an RN, a pediatrician, and a CT worker who was able to use the satellite phone to contact 911, as there is no cell phone service in much of the south coast highway segment. Also stopping to help was our own local Elaine Peltier, who has had some training and always carries a space blanket and surgical gloves in her vehicle.

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  1. I’m so sorry for the young man, hoping too for the best outcome. When you think about this relatively empty wilderness and this kind of speed in attending to emergencies it’s pretty stunning. If I ever ran into trouble of any kind I’d want it to be in the vicinity of self-reliant, good hearted country people who know what do, how to do it fast, and how to do it well.

  2. I understand Matt Harris, Captain of the South Coast’s BSVFB engine #7834 (?) responded as well. The bicyclist was a lucky man to have all those people within close proximity! I hope he has a full recovery soon.

  3. I am also saddened to hear when someone gets a head injury. I am survivor of many of them. I hope this injured bicyclist was wearing a great protective helmet because that probably saved his life.

  4. There was, in fact, a bicycle fatality just south of San Luis Obispo.
    Please, if you are on the bike or in the car, be cautious and considerate.
    I know this one was a single bicyclist and he appears to have been very lucky with his first responders.

  5. I am a friend of the victim…thank you for all of the help he clearly got after teh accident. I am unclear on many facts but I do know that he is in a medically induced coma due to head injuries and internal injuries.

  6. Hello. I thought I would make a quick update. Firstly, MANY THANKS to everyone who stopped to render aid … it is people like you who really make a difference and definitely saved a life that day. Apparently the CHP believe he was indeed hit by a car, but the report is not yet final.

    The victim is a CalFire Firefighter/Paramedic based in southern California. He is an avid outdoorsman who spends a lot of time in the Big Sur area to camp, hike and enjoy the outdoors – many times with his young son. He is still recovering at the Trama 1 center in San Jose and making important progress daily – in fact he can move his fingers and toes and just today opened his eyes and squeezed a nurse’s hand to confirm recognition of the people in the room.

    Thank you again to all first responders and for the many thoughts and prayers.

  7. My wife and I were in the car that saw this cyclist fall off his bike and hit the pavement. He was riding with two other people and was not hit by any car. We pulled over immediately and stopped three other cars behind us to prevent him from getting run over. There were several people who did stop and assist by rendering aid. I left my name and phone number with a lady who provided the space blanket and gloves just in case anyone needed to get my statement. We have been praying for a full recovery and hope that all goes well. Feel free to contact me via this blog if needed.

  8. My wife and I were in the first car that saw the firefighter fall off his bike and hit the pavement. He was not hit by any car nor was any car involved in this accident. He fell approximately 50-75 yards in front of us. I pulled over and stopped the cars behind us to avoid anyone running him over. Wr stayed with him for around 25 minutes and then had to leave. There were quite a few people attending to him. I left my name and phone number with one of the ladies there in case anyone needed a statement of what actually happened. Feel free to contact me via email or this site if needed. Our prayers have been and are still with him for a complete recovery.

  9. That lady was Elaine Peltier. She does not do Internet, but I will pass on the information. A family or friend contacted me via blog or email, and said he is improving everyday. Last i heard, a day or two ago, he opened his eyes, responded to commands, recognized those in the room, and could move both hands. All great news! There are a lot of people routing from him throughout California! Thanks for your information, Jim T.

  10. Thank you all that rendered aid to my Brother. He is a wonderful and much loved Husband, Father, Son & Brother. Our Family cannot possibly thank the people who saved his life. He continues to improve daily and each day is a milestone.

  11. Jim T – My name is Dana and I am with an office that is trying to gather information about this incident for the family of the injured man. Could you, and any others reading this who witnessed this incident or have information, please contact me by e-mail at Thank you very much.

  12. Big Sur Kate and all those involved,
    I want to first say THANK YOU!!!!!! words don’t say enough to thank all those who have helped me.
    My name is David Clark( I am the Firefighter who was involved in the bicycle accident about 17 months ago in Sept 0f 2012 near mud creek outside of Gorda in Big Sur.
    Im sorry its taken this long to find this site and write this thanks. I hope it finds all of those involved. Thanks To all of you amazing people who helped me I am doing much better. On the way to get back to work and full recovery! It was really close. Torn Spleen and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) all while using a helmet, thankfully! I dont want to be too long-winded on here, but there were and still are a lot of angels on my side!
    If any of you have any questions, please feel free to email me. at above address.
    And I’d love to hear from anyone who may have any and I mean ANY info about my accident. Still after all this time still trying to piece things together.
    Thank you for this Site. It has been amazing for my friends, Family, and myself!
    JUst remember the little things we do, can change lives forever, They changed mine!!!
    Thank you!
    David M Clark (

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