Where I’ve been …


Came back 5 days early, for my son’s surgery, scheduled for this morning, so a little bit off my game. Watching the super storm, Sandy, impact the east coast, knowing 3 of my fellow travelers are about to get stranded in Frankfurt.

I can’t thank bigsurdeb enough for minding my blog, making sure important information got posted. You are a gem! Now, to teach you how to upload photos.

Finally, YAY, GIANTS!

2 thoughts on “Where I’ve been …

  1. West bank of the Nile, pyramids at Giza, last existing of the Seven Wonders of the World.
    Must have been an interesting trip. Welcome back, bsk.

  2. What a wonderful photo Kate. Sorry you had to come back early, hope your son’s surgery goes well, have also been watching CNN on Hurricane Sandy as we sit with lovely weather here on the Big Sur Coast. Praying for all of the people stranded and impacted by his Hurricane that is approaching fast. Understand the readjustment. Take Care. Hugs, Pam

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