5 thoughts on “Misc Photos

  1. When you are in the fog, you think it must be everywhere.
    When you get above it, it is so amazing to behold.

  2. Hi Kate , all of us , your readers , always appreciate the time and effort you make, to keep us informed and the photos tell more of the story , than you will ever know !

    Hears to dew drops on your eyelashes from that friendly and mystical local fog .

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving , this year , and be glad you are not a Greek citizen , ouch ! ,,, or Syrian citizen , for that mater .

    We are looking forward to a Norbest gobbler , this year as the Butterball last year was too greasy , and not so flavorful ,,,, Douglas and Lang , Singapore , S/V Calliste

  3. Stunning, Good Kate of the Wilderness. Best of luck with machinery, glad roof and woodstove are the constant companions. And pups. And RK. And all of us. And me.

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