Snow report and lost dogs

I did not receive any snow, but Cone Peak did! Couldn’t get a photo, as it was only visible for a short while before it was covered by clouds. I have had a fire going most of the day, although the sun came out for a bit, making my solar system happy.

lost dogs

On 11/2, Dr. Hyde’s grandson, while staying at the Hyde cabin on Plaskett Ridge Rd lost his two pugs. If you have any information, call Ash Chapman at 623-826-3620. Here is a photo of the pugs


3 thoughts on “Snow report and lost dogs

  1. I understand there have been lost dogs in the Highlands too recently, and cats in lower Carmel Valley. Perhaps it’s the time when the younger lions are cast out of mom’s territory and seeking some of their own? In any case, would suggest that smaller domestic animals may be at higher risk for awhile. Extra caution with our four-legged friends is certainly warranted!

  2. Thank you for posting this, Kate. I am Dr. Hyde’s grandson, Ash, and I very much appreciate you getting the word out.

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