At a loss for words…there is no limit to humanity’s stupidity

imageOld Fire, 2003

This photograph was [NOT – see correction] taken at the Lake Fire near Lakeport. It is pretty graphic. It was sent to a friend from a ff up there. He noted, “This could easily be Highway One, if people aren’t careful.” I wish I knew the photographer. If you do, please let me know.

CORRECTION: A friend, Jean LeBlanc, sent me a link to the REAL STORY behind this photo above. It was arson and caused 5 heart attack deaths. This photo shows The Old Fire jumping Highway 18 in Oct 2003 and was taken by Troy C. Whitman of Cypress, CA. Click on the link just below the photo for the rest of the story.

The stupidity I refer to is in reference to the fires mentioned below. The first was a campfire that Rock Knocker spotted on the way up yesterday. The people were out and about, but left their campfire burning, and their “stuff” was still there. He poured what water he had on it, and when he got up here, I called the USFS at PV Station. It was 2 miles up Plaskett.

08/11/2015 10:45 LPF-2408
New Wildfire PLASKETT RDG CG M . . . . . 35.932 x 121.431

then there was this one:

08/11/2015 17:35 FHL-2416
. Wildfire CONE PK LO M . . . light flashy fuel 5 [acres] 36.077 x 121.282

I do not know the source, but I’m willing to bet next month’s wages it was human caused.

Snow report and lost dogs

I did not receive any snow, but Cone Peak did! Couldn’t get a photo, as it was only visible for a short while before it was covered by clouds. I have had a fire going most of the day, although the sun came out for a bit, making my solar system happy.

lost dogs

On 11/2, Dr. Hyde’s grandson, while staying at the Hyde cabin on Plaskett Ridge Rd lost his two pugs. If you have any information, call Ash Chapman at 623-826-3620. Here is a photo of the pugs


Possible Fire, NE of Cone Peak ?

11:15 update – I still have not been able to locate, but it doesn’t seem to be growing, although there is a very significant inversion layer over the ocean.

10:30 update – I have determined the fire is NOT on FHL, per my source there. It might be Indians, or Lost Valley or ?? Still trying to track down. Wherever it is, it increased in size considerably this morning.

About 9 am, I went outside and noted drift smoke covering Cone Peak. My friend called from Lockwood. I asked him, “Where is the fire?” He laughed, and said he’d called fire central to ask that very question. Nothing is listed on WildCAD-LPNF, so his thought that it is at Indians is probably not the case. Since I can find nothing anywhere, that leads me to believe it might be on FHL. Don’t see a column, only heavy drift, so I will keep seeking information this morning.


One can barely see Cone Peak through the drift smoke.


Ponderosa Plume from Cone Peak

Mike Anderson of Morro Bay sent me this one. What a view, huh?? Camped up at Cone Peak, at the look-out, and shot this one on Sunday morning just before 7 am. Beautiful. Thanks, Mike!!

And this one, coming down the Cone Peak Rd. a little after noon on Sunday.

I love when we can see different perspectives of these events.