Possible Fire, NE of Cone Peak ?

11:15 update – I still have not been able to locate, but it doesn’t seem to be growing, although there is a very significant inversion layer over the ocean.

10:30 update – I have determined the fire is NOT on FHL, per my source there. It might be Indians, or Lost Valley or ?? Still trying to track down. Wherever it is, it increased in size considerably this morning.

About 9 am, I went outside and noted drift smoke covering Cone Peak. My friend called from Lockwood. I asked him, “Where is the fire?” He laughed, and said he’d called fire central to ask that very question. Nothing is listed on WildCAD-LPNF, so his thought that it is at Indians is probably not the case. Since I can find nothing anywhere, that leads me to believe it might be on FHL. Don’t see a column, only heavy drift, so I will keep seeking information this morning.


One can barely see Cone Peak through the drift smoke.


3 thoughts on “Possible Fire, NE of Cone Peak ?

  1. Kate:
    We were up the Coast on Sat. & there was drift smoke all the way to Cambria & over the Castle but it was light. This may be something that started fairly small on the east side & is working it’s way over towards the west. Dorothy has a scanner going all the time too as her husband is Volunteer Mounted Sheriff’s Posse out of SLO & would know of something on the east side. They are in San Miguel not far from the Paso Airport. The air tankers fly over them as well.

  2. Hi: Jim thinks it may be from the fire that Duke’s on up in WA. It’s called the Wenatchee Complex as it has 7 fires burning together like the Basin fire did. They are at 100,000 acres already & it’s in pretty heavy dry fuel. It could cause this drift smoke if the wind is right. Thanks for the heads up!

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