Cambria’s Annual Scarecrow Festival












The businesses add new scarecrows every day, until the judging takes place, so come on down and take a look for yourself. Great photo ops! I found out from a long-time resident who informed me that the high school art studens make the scarecrows and sell them for $20 to the businesses that don’t make their own. This will all culminate at the Harvest Festivwl at the Biachinni house, aka, the Cambrian Historical Society, the second weekend in October, at the corner of Burton and Center.

On the way out of town, I saw so many others I had missed! Several construction workers, the invisible man, the male and female “mooners”, the gal with the flying dog, and at least a dozen more. There are between 200-250 total “scarecrows” that have taken over Cambria. Quite a sight to see. I never even went down Moonstone Drive where there are many more! Next time, I guess.

9 thoughts on “Cambria’s Annual Scarecrow Festival

  1. Kate, thank you for posting the photos of my four Diva Scarecrows with the clocks for eyes. Yes, the clocks are actually working. They were originally going to be in front of the clock shop in town (thus the clock eyes) but have since moved to the Historical Museum on Burton Drive. I hope you enjoyed them!

  2. I do enjoy them. They were in front of Once Upon a Time, when I first entered town, yesterday. There are so many gems, this is becoming quite the event! Many more entries than I remember from last year.

  3. Great pictures. Do you know if well behaved dogs are welcome to attend the Scare Crow Festival?

  4. I do not know. Generally, Cambria is a dog friendly town, with a nice dog park out on the East end, but some motels, like Blue Bird, don’t accept dogs. You can contact the Historical Society which holds the Festival to find out.

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