Big Sur Jade Festival, road closures, and other stories

First let me notify everyone that the 21st Jade Festival is almost here. It will be held, as always, at Pacific Valley School. It will be held Friday, Oct.5 from noon to 6, Saturday, 10-6, and Sunday 10-5. This year, it will be important to close down on time on Sunday so that vendors can pack up and get through Rocky Creek before they close the road. Other than that, the closure should not affect the festival. As has become standard, we have lots of music, good food, jade, and other gems, good family fun. As it is held at the school, and is a family event, no alcohol or drugs allowed and all furry family members must be on a leash.

Second, I am getting lots of inquiries regarding the Rock Creek closures. I will post all announcements of closures right here on my front page as soon as i get them. I have posted six different times so far, so I will give a simplified or Readers Digest version here. Basically, if you plan on night closures every Sunday-Thursday night from Oct 8th thru the end of January, you won’t be surprised and caught off guard. (we will know the exact 10 hour closure time next week, but so far, it is looking like 9 pm-7am?) During the day, the road will be one lane, controlled traffic. While delays are supposed to be only 10 minutes, I got reports of 1/2 hour delays today. Give yourself extra time to make it to work, or your lunch reservation, or whatever brings you down our way. Get to know the visitor in the car behind you or in front, take photos of the stoppage, enjoy your time here.

Other stories? Okay, I admit. I made that up. Let me see if I can find a photo for you.


~ by bigsurkate on September 26, 2012.

4 Responses to “Big Sur Jade Festival, road closures, and other stories”

  1. I am told that People have Dogs who ‘match’ them on some Level >>> am I to make this assumption about Big Sur Kate ?? lol, please, Kate. This Dog has been ‘captured’ in this shot >>> Happy, Curious, Attentive, Well Treated & Groomed.


  2. I have 4, but this is not one of them! This one came to a party I attended.


  3. Dear happy, curious, attentive, well treated and groomed Kate. Next visit bring all four! I love these doggies, and mostly the owners are all of the above. There’s such a pooch as pictured living on Sycamore Canyon named Pork Chop.


  4. Ha! In this post? The dog fills the stage! 🙂


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