At a loss for words…there is no limit to humanity’s stupidity

imageOld Fire, 2003

This photograph was [NOT – see correction] taken at the Lake Fire near Lakeport. It is pretty graphic. It was sent to a friend from a ff up there. He noted, “This could easily be Highway One, if people aren’t careful.” I wish I knew the photographer. If you do, please let me know.

CORRECTION: A friend, Jean LeBlanc, sent me a link to the REAL STORY behind this photo above. It was arson and caused 5 heart attack deaths. This photo shows The Old Fire jumping Highway 18 in Oct 2003 and was taken by Troy C. Whitman of Cypress, CA. Click on the link just below the photo for the rest of the story.

The stupidity I refer to is in reference to the fires mentioned below. The first was a campfire that Rock Knocker spotted on the way up yesterday. The people were out and about, but left their campfire burning, and their “stuff” was still there. He poured what water he had on it, and when he got up here, I called the USFS at PV Station. It was 2 miles up Plaskett.

08/11/2015 10:45 LPF-2408
New Wildfire PLASKETT RDG CG M . . . . . 35.932 x 121.431

then there was this one:

08/11/2015 17:35 FHL-2416
. Wildfire CONE PK LO M . . . light flashy fuel 5 [acres] 36.077 x 121.282

I do not know the source, but I’m willing to bet next month’s wages it was human caused.

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  1. My brother Frank was on that fire as a division supervisor for Cal Fire and had a hand in saving dozens of homes in Lytle Creek. It was an arson fire, part of the 2003 conflagration that struck the southern part of the state that year. He came the closest ever to losing his life on that fire. He called me from the 215 freeway after escaping flames that closed in on him unexpectedly. He walked me through the experience and it was frightening. His vehicle was singed pretty badly. That was a particularly bad fire.

  2. Wow, Mike. I’m glad Frank made it. I’ve been reading about those fires, and they were horrific. I don’t understand why I don’t remember them, other than I wasn’t following fires then as I am now.


  3. The Witch, Harris, Cedar, Santiago and Old Fire dominated that season. San Diego county suffered the worst of it. That was the pre-BSK blogging era. 🙂

  4. Ah, but I do remember the Witch. It burned 500 homes in Ramona, including my brother’s house. He lost everything but his animals and one car.


  5. Funny how that photo keeps turning up. Last I saw it was a couple of weeks ago when people were passing it around and claiming it was one of the current Humboldt County fires. It should also be pointed out that the recent Lake Fire was in Southern California and nowhere near Lakeport, which is by Clear Lake in Northern California. The fires currently burning near Clear Lake are on the opposite side of the lake from Lakeport and are the Rocky and Jerusalem fires.

  6. I have done my best to clear up the errors, when I see them. Absolutely incredible photo, Troy. No wonder it is still getting recognition 12 years later!

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