The Lightning Show – a follow-up

The show is over … The skies are clear and the temperature is creeping up to 70. The fog is high, blanketing both the Willow Creek Watershed and the  Prewitt Watershed. The fog is less than 500 feet below me, but it will help to keep humidity rates high – a good thing in August. From what I can determine, all lightning-caused fires in Big Sur, Carmel Highlands, and Carmel Valley are out.

However, there were a lot of down strikes in our County. I would remind people that we need to continue to be vigilant, especially if temperatures climb. When the lightning strikes hit SLO County last time, the Bridge Fire in Cambria started FIVE DAYS after the lightning stopped. The fire east of Hearst Castle took 8 days to smolder before it broke out. Everyone in the areas of last night’s down strikes need to continue to be observant.

Also, hunting season starts down here tomorrow. A bullet striking a rock has been known to cause a spark which becomes a wildfire. Governor Brown has declared a state of emergency for the entire State of California due to heightened fire dangers and ongoing fires. Let’s all be safe and protective of this land we love.