Vegetation Fire at bottom of Willow Creek

11:00 pm – A vegetation fire broke out near Treebones and the bottom of Willow Creek around 10:20 or so during that last round of lightning strikes all around here.  BSVFB was first on the scene. LPF 16 was dispatched, as well as Cal Fire units from both San Luis Obispo and Monterey County. Jon Knight was giving Martha Karstens a report when I called her back. Saying there is NO RROS (rapid rate of spread) which is a good thing. Will stay up and report for the next hour, then hopefully, off to bed.

08/06/2015 22:45 LPF-2339
New Wildfire MM 1 11.00 WILLOW CREEK ROAD M . BC11LPF BC12LPF CRW1LPF E319LPF UT17 . . . 35.887 x 121.459

the good news is I have received two short but strong downpours since then.

there are also reports of fires in Carmel Highlands and Carmel Valley, but I have no details.

Thunder and Lightning … Oh my

it started about 10 minutes before 8 pm. The lightning looked as if it came from the sun, which was partially hidden by the clouds. I could see the rain over the ocean, too. Then I noticed a brightening of the sky to my north-northeast, but the thunder was distant … So the lightning must be, too. Over the ocean, there were many strikes of different types. Most were lightning bolts. Some were horizontal. I saw one long-lasting one which seemed to extend over the bottoms of all the clouds.

The lightning over the ocean headed north, and slightly east. It looked like it was going over land, possibly around Monterey Bay, perhaps Santa Cruz.

At 9:41 or so, it really picked up … Thunder was loud and close-really close – South Coast Ridge Rd above Prewitt. The dogs are going nuts. I put two in the closet with the light on and the door shut. A third hides at my feet under my desk. Five minutes later the rain came. It probably won’t stick around, but it’s sound is musical. The symphony becomes predominately the bass drums.

I have a feeling it will be a long night for many of us – especially the dogs.

Red Flag Warning

A red flag warning has been issued for Monterey County due to a low pressure system that will bring the possibility of dry lightning to the area.

Be alert, vigilant, and watchful for any down strikes and smoke. Resources are stretched extremely thin and the Rocky Fire is still raging to our north. Fortunately, at least up here, winds are nil and humidity is 57%.

Todays SLO weather forecast says: “An area of low pressure off the California coast will gradually move eastward across the Central Coast tonight into Friday. This system will bring increasing clouds and a chance
for scattered sprinkles throughout the Central Coast. A possibility of thunderstorms could develop in northern San Luis Obispo County. This system will also produce a chance for dry lightning which will bring increasing fire concerns tonight into Friday.”
“A Red Flag Warning means that critical fire weather conditions are either occurring now or will shortly. A combination of winds, low relative humidity and warm temperatures can contribute to extreme fire behavior.

Dry thunderstorms are expected to develop over Monterey and San Benito counties late this morning and spreading northward. The thunderstorm threat is expected to become more widespread this afternoon and lasting into the evening and overnight hours.

The warning is for, among other areas, the southern Salinas Valley, Arroyo Seco, Lake San Antonio, Santa Lucia Mountains, Los Padres National Forest, mountains of San Benito and interior Monterey County including Pinnacles National Park, northern Salinas Valley, Hollister valley, Carmel Valley, northern Monterey Bay, southern Monterey Bay and Big Sur Coast.”