Thunder and Lightning … Oh my

it started about 10 minutes before 8 pm. The lightning looked as if it came from the sun, which was partially hidden by the clouds. I could see the rain over the ocean, too. Then I noticed a brightening of the sky to my north-northeast, but the thunder was distant … So the lightning must be, too. Over the ocean, there were many strikes of different types. Most were lightning bolts. Some were horizontal. I saw one long-lasting one which seemed to extend over the bottoms of all the clouds.

The lightning over the ocean headed north, and slightly east. It looked like it was going over land, possibly around Monterey Bay, perhaps Santa Cruz.

At 9:41 or so, it really picked up … Thunder was loud and close-really close – South Coast Ridge Rd above Prewitt. The dogs are going nuts. I put two in the closet with the light on and the door shut. A third hides at my feet under my desk. Five minutes later the rain came. It probably won’t stick around, but it’s sound is musical. The symphony becomes predominately the bass drums.

I have a feeling it will be a long night for many of us – especially the dogs.

4 thoughts on “Thunder and Lightning … Oh my

  1. Blasting bolt struck somewhere in Marina about half an hour ago… shook the whole building! Electric shut down and back on again. Peaceful now at 10PM

  2. Big down strike the next ridge north and slightly east of me about 9:42 or so which is what caused me to post a blog article. Have a bit of rain again at 10:10 pm.


  3. it’s almost 11 p.m. and we only got a short deluge of big raindrops, then turned to thunder and lightening. A bit of the latter two but not much. Yes, a long night, every time the thunder clapped, the dog would bark and the other pets eyes were wide-eyed!

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