LPF Has been busy on the South Coast, yet AGAIN.

WHEN WILL PEOPLE LEARN. The whole friggin northern part of the state is on fire, a firefighter DIED on the line yesterday, but idiots continue to have illegal campfires! What does it take? Sorry, my last nerve just snapped.

Recent Incidents (Prepared 08/01/2015 14:06)

Date Inc # Name Type Location WebComment Resources IC Fuels Acres Lat/Lon
08/01/2015 14:00 LPF-2269
New Wildfire NACIMIENTO RD/HWY 1 M . BC12LPF . . . 35.991 x 121.494

08/01/2015 12:20 LPF-2265
New Wildfire plaskett ridge cg .

and there is a hard-to-get-to vegetation fire in Santa Maria I am trying to get info on.