LPF Has been busy on the South Coast, yet AGAIN.

WHEN WILL PEOPLE LEARN. The whole friggin northern part of the state is on fire, a firefighter DIED on the line yesterday, but idiots continue to have illegal campfires! What does it take? Sorry, my last nerve just snapped.

Recent Incidents (Prepared 08/01/2015 14:06)

Date Inc # Name Type Location WebComment Resources IC Fuels Acres Lat/Lon
08/01/2015 14:00 LPF-2269
New Wildfire NACIMIENTO RD/HWY 1 M . BC12LPF . . . 35.991 x 121.494

08/01/2015 12:20 LPF-2265
New Wildfire plaskett ridge cg .

and there is a hard-to-get-to vegetation fire in Santa Maria I am trying to get info on.

4 thoughts on “LPF Has been busy on the South Coast, yet AGAIN.

  1. People need a visual. Post this photo to give everyone a visual of what fire can do,a buddy of mine sent this to me and labeled it “The Gates of Hell”. This is from the Rocky fire in Lakeport. I’m providing the crews with all the food on the Grass Valley Fire, will have been here 10 days on Monday.

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  2. Can’t we put up a gate and make people watch a video and/or take a common sense test before crossing into Big Sur?

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  3. I’d like to know what happened to the Smokey the Bear campaign we had as kids?

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