Rescue Operation on Pine Ridge

One of my readers, Cara Nason on Chews Ridge, reports rescue operations have been going on this afternoon for 4 hikers. Two have been recovered, but rescue is returning for the other two. The following two photos are by Cara Nason taken on Bruce Flat.


Ground support

2 thoughts on “Rescue Operation on Pine Ridge

  1. Unlikely as it may seem I was a Blue Ridge Volunteer Firefighter couple years back and most of the the dawn/dark 0 night rescues were wilderness enthusiasts who smoked a bit too much dope, had the wrong shoes, stood up too fast and tumbled over the side. Maybe it’s the designated hiker theory but there was always one left standing on firm ground to run for help (pre cell phone days).
    I hope these guys are all okay. Big Sur’s an exquisite place for living.

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