Defective signals at Bixby Bridge?

Well, that makes no sense, as there are no signals at Bixby Bridge, so I am assuming … Rightly or wrongly .. That the CHP website means Rocky Creek. Are they again? Or did someone run the light, or someone fail to trigger the sensor? Only the Shadow knows …

Details 00556 5:03 PM Defective Traffic Signals Sr1 / Bixby Brdg 36.372222 -121.902500 Monterey

A light dusting …


From Chews Ridge this morning. Photo by Cara Nason

8:00 am – I woke at three am – and saw this on the satellite, note blue denotes snow. I looked outside with my flashlight, but couldn’t see any.


This morning, I saw a light dusting on the ground here, across the canyon north on Prewitt Ridge, and at the base of Cone Peak, even more. The clouds cover the peaks, so no photo. If it clears later, I will see about getting one. It is still only 32 degrees. Three dogs outside, but my older blind dog came right back in. Smart dog.

Stay safe, stay warm, and stay happy!