A light dusting …


From Chews Ridge this morning. Photo by Cara Nason

8:00 am – I woke at three am – and saw this on the satellite, note blue denotes snow. I looked outside with my flashlight, but couldn’t see any.


This morning, I saw a light dusting on the ground here, across the canyon north on Prewitt Ridge, and at the base of Cone Peak, even more. The clouds cover the peaks, so no photo. If it clears later, I will see about getting one. It is still only 32 degrees. Three dogs outside, but my older blind dog came right back in. Smart dog.

Stay safe, stay warm, and stay happy!

4 thoughts on “A light dusting …

  1. Happy New Year Kate
    and please send the same to Ralph
    Best to you for a warm and cozy and health filled New Year


  2. Hey Kate,
    the hang gliders are heading in for the New Years Fly in at Wild Cattle,there is a sweet little hang glider gal named Janaca that just left our house here in San Diego that is heading your way, I told her about how wonderful you were and she would love to meet you for a drink,call me if you get this message ,she wants me to text her your number if it is ok,
    my number is 619-204-2010, love you,
    Happy New Years to the Goddess at the top of the mountain, guardian of the south coast,
    warmest winds,
    Teddy Mack

  3. Sure, Teddy, you can text her my number. I won’t be meeting her though, Plaskett is really tore up, and I hear it is even worse today than yesterday due to all the hang glider traffic to the knob. It was bad before, due to storm damage. Traffic just adds to it is all. Not hang glider’s fault, it is the USFS, who doesn’t take care of it!

    Hugs and Happy New Year!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  4. I like that snow picture, Kate. Makes me think of Robert Frost and some of his wintry poetry. The fence, the footprints leading to it; the snow, the low light all suggest some of the feeling he must have had to prompt his writing of them. Very nice.

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