11 thoughts on “Bridge Repair

  1. Hey Kate , I don’t know how to view your small linear photos in real size , do you have a suggestion how to enlarge them ?

  2. No, I actually stopped loading full size to help prevent theft of an artists photograph, which is why I make the comment being willing to pay the artist.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  3. Hey, that’s Walter Trotter’s special roll of gaffers tape; it was stolen back in the late 70s. We used it to tape redwood logs together to make bridges. Worked great.

  4. Oh Wonderful Comment Sterling , do you still keep a contact with Guelda ?

    Glad you keep such great memories of your time in B S .

  5. A Wonderful picture story , Kate , a Big T Y , for sharing , had to pass it on to Don , Garry , and Jonathan McQueen , they will be laughing all day !

  6. Douglas-
    When I first open one Kate’s new blogs with a new photo, sometimes I have to hit the refresh button to get the photo to open all the way. Perhaps that is the problem you are referring to with viewing Kate’s photos?

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