BSMAAC Summary

I will just do a quick, general summary of the meeting, as the official draft of the minutes will be out in two weeks, and can be included in the next round-up, for those who don’t have computers or Internet, as they will be posted on the web from now on. I will also provide a link in my link section on Big Sur, to the right, so you can always find the minutes, agendas, and county planning reports.

It was an extremely well attended meeting, with standing room only, due to the interest on all sides of the short-term rental and events topic. Even the county was well attended with Sheriff Scott Miller in attendance, the head of the Health Department, County Counsel, and the head of the Planning Department. Nothing was resolved, but a genuine conversation started. I felt that the overall feeling of those who attended was one of respect for differing points of view. Mary Trotter reminded all that the LUAC (land use advisory council) meets every Monday from 9:30-12:30 – addressing this issue, as well as others that affect us all for the Coastal Land Use Plan. The public is not only invited, but encouraged to attend these meetings and stay in touch with the process.

A meeting will be held at the Government Center, Monterey Room, Wednesday, May 22, where this conversation will continue. It has been suggested that another meeting be scheduled for Big Sur, so that more participation can occur.

Additionally, Cal Trans reported on their two existing projects, and two others in the works. One is the widening of an area we call The Elephants Trunk, down by the county line before Ragged Point. This project is not due to start for 18 months, and will take 18 months to complete. It will be one lane, traffic light controls, just as Rain Rocks/Pitkins Curve and Rocky Creek are. Just as with Rocky Creek, there will be a few full overnight closures, and the same notification system utilized. The second project is interpretive signs at select Vista points. Public input will be sought.

Bill Monning reported on the Coastal Trail State-wide project, and specifically, the Big Sur portion. Jeff Kwazny, USFS, for District Ranger Tim Short, reported that fire restrictions are now in effect. No campfire allowed in any but developed campgrounds. Fire permits required for stoves. Frank Pinney reminded all that the BSVFD muster will be held June 8, presumably at the State Park where it is always held.

Okay, those are the highlights. The full official draft of the minutes will be in the next Round-up.

bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur