White Fire

8:30 pm – @KSBY: The #WhiteFire has now burned 1,000 acres. An estimated 4,000-6,000 people evacuated in Paradise Canyon.

8:00 pm – Wind Warning overnight …

“The conditions near the “White fire” off the 154 in Santa Barbara county look challenging overnight, the area is under a wind warning:

Low temp 47-51 deg, Max RH 70-75% then falling to 50-55% after midnight, North wind gusts up to 55 mph.” Dave Hovde, Meterologist


Here is a photo posted by Cal Fire PIO, unknown photographer.

7:00 pm – already up to 700 acres. Fixed wing from Santa Maria ordered grounded due to erratic winds – the most dangerous conditions, along with low humidity.

IC just ordered “four additional heavy helicopters” for tomorrow.

Also, SB Fire Department reporting one USFS outbuilding and two vehicles – one USFS, one private – destroyed.
Also 6 AT’s to be over the fire at 0800

6:30 pm – There is a 500 acre fire down on Paradise Rd in Rural Santa Barbara and the Los Padres National Forest that I have been following this afternoon, and it looks like it is taking off. Reports are three structures burned, two vehicles, one private, one USFS. 50 structures threatened. White Rock Campground has been evacuated.

Happy Memorial Day!

Gotta love tourists, especially the clueless. Only had to deal with two on my way down Plaskett.

The first was a pair of surfer dudes. Dead battery. “Do you have jumper cables.” “Yes.” Would you help us?” “Yes.” This has happened before, and inevitably, the ones that need help are the ones who have parked off the road, in a place and way that makes it very difficult to rescue them. Once I finally get close enough, and get my cables, one asks, “which one is positive and which is negative?” ” Red is positive and black is negative.” I reply. “Which one do you connect first, or does it matter?” At this point, I don’t trust them to connect the cables without detailed explanation. Once connected properly, she started right up, and I was on my way, having saved them the extra $150 per mile off road fee tow companies usually charge.

The next was a couple looking for Jade Cove. In what universe does one go uphill, inland away from the ocean to find a cove? “It’s behind you, there.” As I point back the way they came.

Only two, but I stayed hidden from Thursday on.