Fatality at Big Sur State Park

UPDATE: correction – per State Parks, a father and son were hiking at JPBurns, when the father spotted something shiny. Turns out to be a license plate. A badly decomposed body was found in the car, which had been there for probably a couple weeks. Sorry for the error.

One person died late Sunday afternoon at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, according to the California Highway Patrol. CHP said a vehicle went off the roadway and into bushes.

No additional information at this time.

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  1. Not really… It was a one car traffic accident (2 weeks old). Car ran off highway at Vista point (where the whale watches occur). Body was found and reported today but had already begun decaying and had been visited by Condor.

  2. I’ll look into that. I got my information from first, the CHP website; and second, from KION. Both generally reliable sources. It does not make sense that the driver “ran into the bushes” at the State Park, causing death.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  3. Coming back from town we saw CHP, Sheriffs and a tow truck at the Vista Point at the bottom of the Tin House trail. Sounds like Crystal has the right info.

  4. We were returning from a trip to Sand Dollar beach and as we came around the corner a few feet near the road to the Tin House my nephew who was a passenger in the front seat staring out the window spotted a car in the willows/brushes. My brother who was driving made a turn at Vista Point to the spot where the car was sighted. My nephew went into the brush off the road and found a deceased female in a Ford Mustang. We were in a dead zone for cell phone contact. Drove Julia Pfeiffer Park found a ranger who made contact with CHP.
    We waited for CHP to arrive and stated to my nephew that this individual was missing for over a month.
    We (The Lopez family) were at Packard ranch for a week end family reunion. My nephew was bit shaken but thankful he found the missing person.

  5. Thank you for writing about this incident. The deceased woman was a member of my church who went missing on June 2. We couldn’t find out any info on the accident that claimed her life. By the time we found out she was missing, her disabled husband had moved out of town and the phone was disconnected. We needed some closure. Question though, I am not familiar with the terrain near the accident. Was there a cliff involved, as was reported briefly on the news? How was the car not spotted two weeks earlier?

  6. On June 16 I found a women in her mustang I need to know who she is, dark blue mustang white top I called the corener she had been missing for over a month still open case so they can’t release any info, any info would help I need to know who she is, 1-916-737-6135 miguel

  7. I came upon the accident at JP Burns immediately after it happened…the pedestrans were trying to stop traffic…I was able to slip by…the deceased was lying in the NB lane , partially covered by someones jacket…a very sad scene… Family members sobbing….I was able to call 911 from my house, just a mile l/2 N….I understood she was run over by her own car while attempting to reenter it…as it was moving? please clarify!….To put it mildly THIS IS A EXTREMELY DANGEROUS PLACE TO DRIVE THRU…I HAVE TRIED TO NAVIGATE THE PEDESTRIANS MANY TIMES, JUMPING OUT, CROSSING THE STREET, PARKING ILLEGALLY, PARKING IN THE HIGHWAY!….OPENING THEIR DOORS INTO TRAFFIC! …PLEASE…CHP….BLOCK PARKING ALONG THIS STRETCH….IT WAS JUST A MATTER OF TIME!

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